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Explainable AI for visual detection task project

Explainable AI for visual detection task

Guiding the design of AI explanation for assessing building damages from satellite imageries

AI-assisted Emotional Support Processes project

AI-assisted Emotional Support Processes

AI-assisted emotional support processes in online mental health communities (OMHCs)

How Older Adults Use Online Videos for Learning project

How Older Adults Use Online Videos for Learning

Understanding how do older adults use online videos for learning

SNU CRS Refresher project

SNU CRS Refresher

Chrome extension for SNU course registration website that helps users escape from error message



What if a chatbot hides behind a person in a romantic relationship and fully manages dialogues?

PoliNewsBot project


Chat moderator for facilitating discussion on political issues

Trkic G00gle project

Trkic G00gle

Why and how users game translation algorithms

AmslerTouch project


Interactive Amsler grid web app for diagnosing Age-related Macular Degeneration

LiquidEye project


Exploring design space of Computer Vision Symdrome (CVS) intervention application

BlahBlahBot project


Facilitating conversation between strangers using a chatbot with ML-infused personalized topic suggestion

Easier Said than Done project

Easier Said than Done

iOS-based serious game app submitted to Fall 2020 Interactive Storytelling course

夜-planet project


Design homework submitted to Fall 2020 User-Centered Design course

TalkingBoogie project


Collaborative mobile AAC system for non-verbal children with developmental disabilities and their caregivers

Music Knows. project

Music Knows.

What my favorite sets of music tell about my emotion

COVID-19, the Infodemics project

COVID-19, the Infodemics

How misinformation and disinformation are spread and exacerbate COVID-19

Tech Champion's League project

Tech Champion's League

What if well-known tech companies run their football team?

Bixby: Intelligent Visual project

Bixby: Intelligent Visual

Setting up coherent visual identities for Samsung Bixby system

Digital Ethnography project

Digital Ethnography

Term paper on needfinding of Korean micro-mobility users submitted to Spring 2020 Digital Ethnography course (written in Korean)

PRP project


Understanding which linguistic features contribute to forming a persona of a chatbot

PersonaBot project


Applying the persona of user's caregivers to health-managing chatbots

Juvis J Bot project

Juvis J Bot

A chatbot agent for offering a health information & inducing an enrollment of Juvis, a Korean diet managing company

elecle project


Elecle: Electric mobility-sharing startup (worked as an iOS developer)

ECE Grad project

ECE Grad

Graduation managing app for SNU ECE undergrads

HCI+d Website project

HCI+d Website

Designing & developing a website for HCI+d Lab.