Easier Said than Done

iOS-based serious game app submitted to Fall 2020 Interactive Storytelling course


Design homework submitted to Fall 2020 User-Centered Design course

Design Thinking for Communication

Design homeworks submitted to Spring 2020 Design Thinking for Communication course

Bixby: Intelligent Visual

Setting up coherent visual identities for Samsung Bixby system


Collaborative mobile AAC system for non-verbal children with developmental disabilities and their caregivers

Digital Ethnography

Term paper on needfinding of Korean micro-mobility users submitted to Spring 2020 Digital Ethnography course (written in Korean)


Applying the persona of user's caregivers to health-managing chatbots

Juvis J Bot

A chatbot agent for offering a health information & inducing an enrollment of Juvis, a Korean diet managing company


Supporting sexual crime victims with chatbot agent

ECE Grad

Graduation managing app for SNU ECE undergrads


Applying the persona of user's caregivers to health-managing chatbots


Building a Behavioral Intervention Technology (BIT) framework: With an example of the intervention within LiquidEye application targeted to computer-vision symdrome


Elecle: Electric mobility-sharing startup (worked as an iOS developer / UX designer)

K-MOOC Analysis

Understanding K-MOOC (Korean MOOC platform) learners' behavior in data-driven ways

HCI+d Website

Designing & developing a website for HCI+d Lab.