PlanFitting: Tailoring Personalized Exercise Plans with Large Language Models

arXiv. (preprint)



A personally tailored exercise regimen is crucial to ensuring sufficient physical activities, yet challenging to create as people have complex schedules and considerations and the creation of plans often requires iterations with experts. We present PlanFitting, a conversational AI that assists in personalized exercise planning. Leveraging generative capabilities of large language models, PlanFitting enables users to describe various constraints and queries in natural language, thereby facilitating the creation and refinement of their weekly exercise plan to suit their specific circumstances while staying grounded in foundational principles. Through a user study where participants (N=18) generated a personalized exercise plan using PlanFitting and expert planners (N=3) evaluated these plans, we identified the potential of PlanFitting in generating personalized, actionable, and evidence-based exercise plans. We discuss future design opportunities for AI assistants in creating plans that better comply with exercise principles and accommodate personal constraints.