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Hi, I am a 4th-year undergraduate student at Seoul National University, majoring in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Information Science & Culture. My undergraduate studies are supported by the Presidential Science Scholarship.

My primary research area is human-computer interaction (HCI), where I mainly focus on designing and evaluating social computing tools. Currently, I'm working with Kenneth Holstein (CoALA Lab cmu-coala-lab logo) and Adam Perer (CMU DIG cmu-dig logo) on understanding human explanations for designing AI explanations.

Research Area

My research focuses on designing and evaluating a social computing system, with automated algorithms facilitating user collaborations.

Specifically, I aim to design systems where such algorithms are targeted to help stakeholders cope with various challenges arising in collaboration.

(+ I like mixed-methods approach!)


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Featured Projects

TalkingBoogie project


Collaborative mobile AAC system for non-verbal children with developmental disabilities

BlahBlahBot project


Facilitating conversation between strangers using a chatbot with ML-infused personalized topic suggestion

LiquidEye project


Exploring design space of Computer Vision Symdrome (CVS) intervention application

Trkic G00gle project

Trkic G00gle

Why and how users game translation algorithms


Seoul National UniversitySeoul, Republic of Korea

March 2016 - Present

B.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering
B.A., Information Science and Culture

Research Experience

HCI+d LabSeoul National University

August 2019 - October 2020

Undergraduate research intern
Advised by Joonhwan Lee

Grants & Awards

Undergraduate Research GrantSeoul National University

Presidential Science ScholarshipPresident of the Republic of Korea

Honorable Mention AwardCHI 2020

Conference and Travel ScholarshipGoogle

Undergraduate Research Award (1st)Seoul National University

Merit-based ScholarshipSeoul National University